Lady Archers of Ontario – Beyond the Bow

Lady Archers of Ontario – Beyond the Bow

When I started Lady Archers of Ontario my focus was on getting women out and into the outdoors and archery world.  As my first year came to a close and my second year started, I had many asking for hunting seminars and not just women, men as well.  After thinking about it, I decided to do some Co-ed seminars.  Leaving the name Lady Archers many asked about if the seminars were just for ladies, and if it was just archery related.

After a lot of thinking my partner in crime and I came up with the name “Beyond the Bow” this section of Lady Archers of Ontario is for the seminar section and is Co-ed as well as involving hunting with gun.

In April 2018 we held our first Beyond the Bow seminar which was a Turkey seminar.  CWTF(Canadian wild turkey federation) attended as well as Brian Sheppard who is a Turkey guide and is amazing.  The seminar consisted of going over Rules and Regulations, calling, blind and blind setups, as well as decoy placement and shot placement.

This seminar was 45.00 for the day and lunch and a goody bag was provided.  There were also raffles.  A guided hunt was raffled or as well as a new turkey blind given by CWTF.

April 14th 2019 will be our next turkey seminar.  This year we will be holding it at our home, so were can go into the bush and look for turkey signs as well as have hands on experience when choosing a location for our blind as well as trail cameras.  We are hoping that this seminar will be a hit.

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